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JGA mal anders...

Sandra and I have been talking this year a lot about what kinds of events we can offer brides in the region, and in July we had our very first bachelorette party at the store!

We teamed up with Kati of Einzigkatig and Tina of Zuckersüß to bring something a little different to the table. Kati is an incredible portrait photographer who specializes in bringing out powerful female beauty and makes you feel immediately at home when you are in front of her lens. Tina is known for her decadent, adorable cupcakes, and she created a delicious spread of fingerfoods complete with a layered cake spritzed with hot pink frosting!

The ladies were welcomed with bubbly prosecco topped with berries, and were then invited into the courtyard to relax on the swing, enjoy the gorgeous spread, and play games that the maid of honor had prepared.

sandra nymphius bridal fashion jga

bachelorette sektempfang jga

Then we got started with the flower workshop!

It was such a joy to meet all these great girls. I was astounded at their creativity while making their flower crowns, and was so thrilled with the outcome!

Then came the photoshoot! Thank goodness... one of my greatest sadnesses working with flowers is how quickly they wilt, and having photos brings a bit of comfort. :) Look at this stunning work!

After the photos were taken, the bride cut into the cake - that had been eyeing us all day - and we rounded out the warm summer afternoon with a coffee. Then they were on their way, off to a reserved dinner in the city, every one crowned with beautiful blooms.

I was so happy to get texts later saying they all had an amazing time!

If you're interested in celebrating your bachelorette party a bit differently from the norm, let us know! We would love to plan something like this for you and your friends, be it a bachelorette or a birthday party.

Until next time!



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